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Top Reasons Brands Should Start a Podcast

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Our awareness around podcasts now is at an industry high. Podcasts are mentioned daily from hosts on popular news channels mentioning their podcast for you to engage more with their hot topics, to American staple brands like General Electric creating original podcast programming with their fictional narrative show “The Message.”

Podcast headphones on a table
Brown Leather Headphones

Create What People Want to Hear

Fast Company says: "Branded Podcasts Are The Ads People Actually Want To Listen To" in an informative article on the landscape of companies creating branded podcasts.

NPR says it’s found that 75% of listeners took action on a sponsored message. That proves the trust and influence created between the podcast host and the listener produces results. It's a widely circulated thought that podcast listeners develop an intimate relationship with hosts. From my research for Mayzie Media, I've found that listeners look at hosts like friends that accompany them through elements of their life. One listener commented, "you come into the bathroom with me." We all know how intimate the bathroom is in terms of personal access. Fortunately for brands and marketers, the impact of podcasts on the audience is still in an organic stage, similar to what blogging once was. Now all of your favorite bloggers and social media influencers are sponsored or selling something and consumers are keenly aware.

Podcast advertising has not reached over-saturation and listeners have not fatigued of hosts using native ads. With this in mind, it's better to explore the space before it becomes more than a trend. Or better yet, before you look up and all of your competitors are creating original programming and you're playing catch up.

Podcasting for Corporate Gain

To help you wrap your mind around the benefits of entering the podcast space, we've compiled a one-sheet detailing four reasons a corporate brand should be looking to start a podcast in the immediate future.

Graphic chart detailing four reasons to start a podcast for corporate gain including stats
Graphic of 4 Reasons to Start a Podcast for Corporate Gain

Contact Mayzie Media now for podcast development consulting.

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